757. a warm old Afghan Ersari Carpet

Old Afghan Ersari Carpet

757. Provenance: Ersari tribe, Turkoman group of tribes, Northern Afghanistan

Size:  384 x 260 cm

Age: Circa 1940

Condition: Good.

Notes:  A classic Afghan Ersari fil pai or 'elephant foot', refering to the oversized Turkoman guls or medallions. This one has 18 of them, all well dimensioned and spaced. These guls developed differently from their Turkomen brethren who remained to the west and north of them, under increasing Russian influence, and commercialization of their woven goods. As the demand for increasinly finely woven rugs grew, so the gul shapes tended to 'flatten', whereas in Afghanistan the more isolated Ersari displayed an oppopsite trend - a broadening and enlarging of the guls. Such pieces continue to be woven in Afghanistan, but they tend not to have the pleasing, subtle madder-rich dyes and soft oily wool. Some are as red as pillar boxes and just as stiff. This has a good, even weave, and wonderful sheen. A room-filling carpet.


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