563. a heartening Afghan 'Perepedil' design rug

Afghan Perepedil Caucasian design rug

563. Provenance: Afghan (possibly Afghan refugee), using an old Caucasian design

Size: 190 x 154 cm

Age: Circa 1980

Condition: Very good.

Notes: A lovely, uncluttered rendition of the famous Perepedil design from the Shirvan area of the Caucasus. Here we see two renditions of the 'ram's horns' - a vertical version with a central bar crosswise in the middle, and a more stretched horizontal version that resembles handlbars. Also featured is the typical solid bodied mythical creature with a long monster neck on which is perched a tiny head. Borders such as this one has, are common through large areas of the Caucasus.



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