855. a serious antique Baluch prayer rug

Antique Baluch Afghan or East Persian prayer rug

855. Provenance: Baluch, Western Afghanistan

Size: 175 x 90 cm

Age: circa 1900

Condition: Wear in the field, largely due to corrosion of the darker iron-oxide based natural dyes. 

Notes: A pretty classic Baluch prayer rug design and the border motif too, is not uncommon. Afghan Baluch tend to be in dark shades, partly due to the remoteness of the region and the lack of access to a wide range of dyes, but also perhaps due to taste. It has been suggested that the harsh sun-drenched conditions may have led to a desire for subdued, restrained colouring within the tribal tents. I rather doubt this theory - Afghan winters can be as harsh and cold as any.