782. a princely old Afghan Ersari filpai carpet

Old Afghan Ersari filpai carpet

782. Provenance: Ersari tribe, Turkoman group of tribes, Northern Afghanistan

Size: 313 x 205 cm

Age: circa 1950

Condition: Generally excellent with just one tiny spot of foldwear.

Notes: A great example of the Ersari filpai or 'elephant foot' carpet. This design has maintained it's form for over 100 years, but many present-day examples are poor renditions, in harsh pillar-box red and coarse, dry wool. This piece shines with a lovely madder-rich brown/red, and lustrous, naturally oily hand-spun highland wool, and the appeal is heightened by the wonderful natural abrush throughout the piece. The devil is in the detail with these filpais, and this one is a beauty.


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