4. A superb pair of Yomut Central Asian Jawals (storage bags)

Antique Yomut Turkoman Tribal Central Asia Jawals Pair stuffed

04. Provenance: Yomut, Turkmenistan, ref:Jourdan, p194-204, Black p171.

Size: 123 x 80cm (each).

Age: Circa 1910

Condition: Generally excellent. One of pair has some colour bleeding from the reds as it was caught in a cyclone-ravaged Burmese home! Hence the heavy reduction.

Notes: Vibrant all natural colours. Classic Yomut , clearly-drawn design. It is difficult to find ‘chuwals’ in pairs like this, and these come tightly packed with cotton to make fantastic (and heavy!) ‘mobile sofas’.

Materials: Wool pile on wool wefts & warps.


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