802. a classic antique Tekke Turkoman rug

Antique Tekke Turkoman Turkmenistan rug

802. Provenance: Tekke Turkoman tribe, Turkmenistan

Size: 200x 160 cm

Age: circa 1910

Condition: Good for high age, with allover low pile. Some minor loss at corners and sides. Repairable.

Notes: A classic Tekke rug, commonly (and erroneously ) referred to as 'Bokhara' (after the city). The rows of connected guls and the typical, somewhat sombre brown madder colouring, lend an air of restrained and calm dignity to the weaving. These designs vairied little within each tribe, which shows the heraldic importance that the motifs and symbols must have played. Artistic flourishes of the individual weavers were kept aesthetically controlled, though they are there. 

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