809. an honourable antique Tekke Turkoman chuval

Antique Tekke Turkoman Chuval or storage bag

809. Provenance: Tekke tribe, Turkoman group, Turkmenistan/Central Asia

Size: 140 x 80 cm

Age: circa 1890

Condition: Good for age with just minor repairs to corners.

Notes: A classic Tekke Turkoman chuval (or juwal), which would have been used as a form of 'woven furniture' within the nomadic yurt (tent), perhaps for storing bedding, clothes, or cooking implements. Such small tribal trappings were often the most finely woven, and were used as dowry gifts and evidence of the young bride's weaving prowess (and hence an economic boon to the groom's famliy). This is just such a finely woven wonder, with a beautiful and elaborate elim (decorative base). All natural dyes, and all wool-construction.


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