16. An exceptional Pair of Antique tribal Yomut Jawals

Antique Yomut Turkoman Tribal Central Asia Jawals or Chuvals

16. Provenance: Yomut, Turkmenistan ref: Jourdan, p194-204, Black p171

Size: 131cm x 85cm

Age: Circa 1880

Condition: Excellent. No repairs. These have their original flatweave backs, and they have been stuffed with high quality cotton to make large ‘lounging’ cushions. Such tribal Juvals usually come onto the market as singles.

Notes: These are excellent examples of Yomut tribal storage bags. The dyes are all strong and natural, and include a beautiful and rare eggshell blue. The guls are well-spaced. Collector items. I routinely see such trappings selling at 2000 euros for a single. Jawals such as these tended to be woven as dowry gifts and represent some of the best their tribes have to offer.

Price: is for the pair


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