812. a gorgeous antique Tekke Turkoman torba

Antique Tekke Turkoman Torba or storage bag.

812. Provenance: Tekke tribe, Turkoman group of tribes, Turkmenistan/Central Asia

Size: 126 x 40 cm

Age: circa 1890

Condition: Very good for high age, with just very minor spotting.

Notes: These tribal animal trappings represent some of the finest of Turkoman weavings. They were often given as dowry gifts to show off the weaving competence and skill of their daughter - such abilities were highly prized by in-laws as they represented earning potential. This torba (storage bag) is such a piece - finely woven and detailed, using finest hand-spun highland wool and natural dyes. The principal ornament is the repeat of the aina-gul, arranged in compartments.


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