25. A pair of rare Antique Afghan Ersari Jawals or large storage bags

Antique Ersari Turkoman Aghan or Central Asian Jawals

25. Provenance: Taghan, Ersari, Northern Afhghanistan. ref: Parsons, p38

Size: 175cm x 95cm each

Age: Circa 1900-1920 These are a pair of dowry piece ‘juwals’.

Condition: Excellent, original condition. These huge Juvals would probably have been made as wedding gifts. They were not woven for commercial purposes. They have their original flatweave backs and are stuffed with high quality cotton for use as furnishings.

Notes: Natural dyes throughout, including the madder- based brown field. Lovely highlights in ivory, saffron and turquoise indigo as well as a tiny amount of green silk. Materials: Hand-spun wool pile on wool warps/wefts.

Price: $2595