791. a regal old Beshir Afghan Carpet

Old Afghan Beshir Carpet

791. Provenance: Beshir, Turkoman group of tribes, Afghanistan

Age: Circa 1970

Size: 320 x 272 cm

Condition: Largely excellent with one small area of lower pile.

Notes: The only such piece I have, these carpets are surprisingly hard to come by. The Beshir sub group of the Ersari Turkomans used to live not far from the city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan, and of all the Turkoman groups, their weavings show the strongest city influence. Their rugs tend to feature more flowing, floral (abeit heavily stylized) patterns than their more austere, regimented, and heraldic Turkoman cousins such as the Tekke, the Saryhk and the Salor. Although this piece is woven by the Beshir who migrated (following conflict with Imperial Russian forces) to Afghanistan, they have maintained a degree of that 'urbane' feel. As in the older Uzbek pieces, the Afghan Beshire continue to love the use of saffron yellow in their weavings.