493. an eminent antique Afghan Baluch main carpet

Antique Chakansur Baluch Afghan main Carpet

493. Provenance:   Baluch tribes, Chakhansur, Western Afghanistan

Size: 363 x 209 cm

Age: Circa 1890 to 1900

Condition: Pretty good for it's old age. However it does have several repairs, small areas of wear, & the very dark brown natural iron oxide dye has corroded the wool (normal in Baluchis of age & not threatening to the structure). There is some damage to the selvedges (sides), but they have been professionally repaired. The original kilim ends are intact (which is often not the case).

Notes: Typically austere design and colouring. The Baluchis of the harsh semi-arid and arid areas of Western Afghanistan tended towards dark and few colours. They may have been choosing a sombre colour palette for their tents to counteract the harsh light outside, or it may simply have been down to the availability of dyes - these are all natural dyes (madder root brown/red, iron oxide & pomegranite browns, indigo blue) and access to the latest and most sophisticated dyestuffs tended to be more limited in Afghanistan than many other parts of the rug-weaving world. The design is a highly geometric/stylized rendition of flowerheads & trees. The wool is excellent, glossy handspun karakul wool.

Price: $1995