22. A fascinating Kizilayak Turkoman Prayer Rug

Antique Afghan Kizilayak Turkoman Prayer Rug

22. Provenance: Kizilayak Tribe, Northern Afghanistan. ref O’bannon, p134

Size: 145 x 77cm

Age: Circa 1900

Condition: Perfect. Full lustrous pile. Excellent wool

Notes: This prayer rug has only natural dyes, with a range of warm tone browns (madder, pomegranite) on an undyed ivory wool field, with highlights in yellow (saffron). It is a literal Islamic design that came in around the turn of the century, and shows 11 mihrabs (minarets) capping a whole mosque design. The worshiper hence kneels in the central ‘compound’ and prays (towards Mecca of course). The figures above this area may be worshipers with arms outstretched in prayer.


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