803. a proud antique Beshir Turkoman carpet

Antique Beshir Turkoman Central Asian Tribal Carpet

803. Provenance: Beshir sub-tribe, Ersari, Turkoman group of tribes, Turkmenistan

Size: 260x 150 cm

Age: circa 1880

Condition: Comensurate with high age. There are areas of heavy wear, and some (quite apparent) re-weaves. 

Notes: A really beautiful rug, despite its condition. Unlike all other Turkoman groups, the Beshir used floral motifs, and this piece is a good example of that. There is almost something reminiscent of Khotan 'pomegranite' rugs of Eastern Turkistan about it. An influence? Soft red, with yellow details, typical of the Beshir, and never seen in any other Turkoman weavings.