356. An enchanting Antique Beshir Turkoman Main Carpet

Antique Beshir Turkoman Turkmenistan Main Carpet

Provenance: Beshir subtribe (Ersari main?), Turkoman, Turkmenistan

Age: circa 1870

Size: 540 x 200 cm (i.e very long)

Condition: Heavy wear in the centre. Otherwise acceptable for its high age.

Notes: These antique Beshirs deviated from the norm of Turkomans in that they didn't feature somewhat regimented lines of 'guls' or medallion/geometric flowerhead emblems. Instead they have a repeat of interwoven flowers, somewhat akin to the 'Herati' design. They are the most feminine of the Turkomans, particularly as they tend towards softer madder pink/reds and use a relative large amount of yellow. Despite its condition this is a wonderful collector piece. It is still very usable, particularly in a large hallway or a long dinning room, where the dining table could sit in the centre (and thus conceal/protect the parts with the heaviest wear). It exudes faded elegance.

Price: $2295