798. a beguiling antique Afshar tribal Persian rug

Antique Afshar Persian tribal rug

798. Provenance: Afshar tribe, Kerman/Yadz area, south central Persia

Size: 200x 160 cm

Age: circa 1910

Condition: Pretty good for high age. Overall low pile, with areas of heavier wear.

Notes: The Afshari are one of the great autonomous peoples of Persia, settled in the area between Shriaz, Kerman and Yadz.There is dispute about there origins but it seems likely that they came from the Caucasus or possibly the east Anatolian region of Kars. They speak a Turkish dialect (as do the Azeris) and there is much similarity in their rugs and those of the Caucasus. There are still nomadic and semi-nomadic Afsharis, though as elsewhere in modern day Iran, they are becoming increasingly settled.

This piece is quite typical of its type but what stands out is the beautiful range of indigo colouring, especially the unusual turquoise shade. A collectible tribal piece.


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