362. A refined Antique Qashqa'i Tribal Rug

Antique Tribal Qashqa'i Persian Rug

362. Provenance: Qashqa'i Confederacy of Tribes, Fars province, SW Persia.

Size: 150 x 240cm approx

Age: Circa 1890

Condition: Commensurate with age. Low pile.

Notes: A wide array of natural dyes. Full of tribal Qashqa'i motifs. A Shishboluki border with clusters of Henna flowers. This is a pure tribal product displaying great weaving, and using natural dyes. 'Qashqa'i' means 'fugitives' or 'those who fled' and these non-Persian tribes probably originated in Central Asia or Eastern Turkistan. Despite the low pile, this is a lovely piece.