753. a startling old Tetex German carpet

Old German Tetex hook knot carpet

753. Provenance: Austria

Age: c 1960

Size: 400 x 300 cm

Condition: Very good for age.

Notes: A beautiful Austrian (most probably) rendition of a Persian design, but (I venture provocatively) in more harmonious colours. As Caucasian and Persian rugs became increasingly popular in Europe from the turn of the century, supply struggled to keep up with demand, and hook-woven rugs began to be developed in Germany and Austria to fill the gap. What they lacked in true authenticity, they made up for in sympathetic colour schemes, and this piece is testament to that. Their inter-war status also brings its own historical legacy and baggage. The Austrians tended to immitate the Persian florals (Mahals, Tabriz etc.) while the Germans copied mostly Caucasian and Azerbaijan Persian designs (Heriz, Sarab etc.).