626. a heartwarming old Tetex German capret

German Tetex or Austiran carpet

626. Provenance: Germany or possibly Austria

Size: 290 x 200 cm

Age: Circa 1920/30

Condition: Very good for age. Minor colour run (blue).

Notes:  A lovely hooked carpet with a design very much reminiscent of Mahal or possibly Tabriz. In the 1920s and 30s demand in Europe for Persian and Caucasian rugs was so high, that Europeans - notably the Germans and Austrians - stepped up to the mark and manufactured high quality hooked carpets to fill the gap. Tetex German rugs tended more towards the geometric sytle - Turkomans and Caucasians - and since this is more floral in drawing it is possible that it was made in neighbouring Austria. The colour palette is wonderful and very well balanced. It's difficult to disengage such pieces from their background of time and place, but this nonetheless remains a beautiful piece that contrasts sadly with the horrors of era.