748. an indomitable Bijar Kurdish Persian rug

Old Bijar Kurdish Persian Rug

748. Provenance: Bijar, Kermanshah province, Western Persia

Age: c 1920

Size: 246 x 110 cm

Condition: Good with minor areas of lower pile.

Notes: The small town of Bijar has an international reputation for the quality of their weavings, particulary in terms of strength and durability. They are mostly woven by Kurdish weavers. The 'Bijar structure' uses a single weft shoot, thick and tautly stretched after every row of knots. The strong tension of the weft pulls the warps into two layers, giving the rug great rigidity. The somewhat understated, classic use of the Herati repeat design is fairly typical of the breed, as are the somewhat sombre hues. A classic piece.