609. a devastating old or antique Heriz carpet

Old Heriz Persian Carpet

609. Provenance: Heriz, northwest Persia

Size: 320 x 250 cm

Age: Circa 1920

Condition: Good. Several areas of old wear, professionally repiled.

Notes: Another classic Heriz. I clearly love them, and for good reason. Excellent natural dyes with a detailed but not overly fussy drawing - floral but with any 'chintzy' edges removed by the pseudo-tribal geometric rendition of the floral themes. The relative coarseness of weave of the Herizes means that curves have to be somewhat angular, but that is what gives them their charm. Not for knot-counters, but for aesthetes of vegetable dyes, artistic flare and authenticity of heritage. Strong, rugged carpet oozing flair and sun-baked warmth.