580. A wonderful Aimaq or Baluch 'latch-hook' rug

Antique Aimaq Baluch Afghan or Persian tribal rug

580. Provenance: Aimaq (Baluch-type) tribe, Kushk district, NW Afghanistan

Size: 270 x 150 cm

Age: Circa 1880-1900

Condition: Some wear in field, and some minor damage to sides.

Notes: Classic Aimaq 'latch-hook' or owzi ('water-like' in Farsi) medallions in a variety of colours.  Soft, oily handspun wool lends a glistening vibrancy. The Chadar Aimaq include people of Turkic, Persian, Mongol and Arab extraction. It is possible that this rug was woven by similar groups across the current border, in Persian Khorrassan, or indeed further south in Herat Province, as this design is also woven around Adraskhan.