43. A lovely Antique Baluch Main Carpet

Antique Baluch Taimuri Mushwani Tribal Carpet Afghaistan

43. Provenance: Chakansur, Baluch, South West Afghanistan. ref: Parsons, p141.

Age: Circa 1910

Size: 300 x 216

Condition: Excellent, and considering its age breathtaking. One tiny (1cm x 1cm) re-weave in the field. Otherwise, it has allover full lustrous pile.

Notes: Wonderful, glossy wool. Natural dyes only (including a lovely light indigo). An unusual design take on the ‘kalam doneh’ (the only one like this I’ve seen) where the ‘trees of life’ are spaced out in an open field. It is these design differences that make some rugs absolute collector items, and others not. Excellent tight, even weaving, with a supple, flexible handle. The limited palette is an indication of the limited dyes available to Afghan weavers in a pre-chemical dye era. An awesome tribal carpet.

Price: $3200