58. Antique Kurdish Baluch small rug

Kurdish Baluch northeast Persia rug

58. Provenance: Kurdish Baluch tribes, Khorrassan Province, northeast Persia

Age: Circa 1880-90

Size: 156 x107cm

Condition: Mostly good. Areas of minor wear. Several small holes and one larger. Minor loss at one fringe. Other end has full kilim which has a tear. Still beautiful though - ideal for hanging on a wall.

Design: All-over floral lattice. Tribal.

Colour: Lovely (largely) natural dyes. Stunning warm red and pale indigo. This also uses the analine 'fuchine' dye, that proved to be fugitive and was banned in Persia in around 1880 (it was felt that the fading colour would bring disrepute to the Persian carpet industry).

Materials: Wool pile on wool foundation.