301. A regal old Ersari Afghan Main Carpet

Old Ersari Afghan Main Carpet

301. Provenance: Ersari tribe, Turkoman, Northern Afghanistan

Age: Circa 1930

Size: 373 x 249 cm

Condition: Very good. Very small re-weaves in kilims.

Notes: Very difficult to find old Ersaris of this callibre and in this condition. A generous use of dyes (many Afghans are limited to two tones) shows that this main rug was woven with pride and attention to detail. Although the main 'gul' is the ubiquitous 'elephant foot' gul, there are no less than three variations to the central design of those guls. Also, the minor guls display three variants, including at one end a type of Tekke gul, highlighted with white. The main border of this piece is inspired.

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