926. A luminous old Ait Ouaouzguite Moroccan carpet

Antique Moroccan Ait Ouaouzguite tribal rug

926. Provenance: Tazernakht, Ait Ouaouzguite rug, south of Atlas mountains, central southern Morocco

Age: Circa 1930

Size: 300 x 146 cm

Condition: Very good.

Notes: Wonderful niaive tribal drawing with stylized floral motifs surrounding a central diamond medallion. With vibrant rich colouring on lustrous handspun wool - typical of the area which boasts the finest wool of Morocco - this rug shines with vitality and a 'joie de vivre'. The simple, single border and uncluttered field reinforce its high age. Modern pieces offer more numerous colours and busier fields, usually on machine-spun wool. Foundation wefts, dyed in several colours give the back a mult-coloured look, add to the already impressive rendition of brilliant colour. 



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