917. a sumptuous old Bakhtirari Persian rug

Old Bakhtiari Persian rug

917. Provenance: Bakhtiari tribe, south central Persia

Size: 250 x 160 cm

Age: Circa 1940

Condition: Very good.

Notes: A really super example of this type of highly stylized (read geometric) floral Bakhtiari rendition. The Bakhtiaris, as herders, live/d in some of the most inhospitable mountainous terrain in Persia, but their rugs frequently feature dreamlike and abundantly verdant gardens, full of flowers. Wish-fullfillment in woven form, perhaps. The weavers of this rug may have been sedentary, but their love of gardens has remained. The natural dyes are sumptuous and the soft, oily wool is first-rate.


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