879. a lust-for-life Hamadan Persian rug

Old Hamadan Persian rug

879. Provenance: Hamadan, Arak (Sultanabad) region, northwest Persia

Size: 210 x 128 cm

Age: circa 1950

Condition: Very good.

Notes: A really captivating rug, full of village joie-de-vivre. A chunky Herati design in the indigo central field, is complemented by a charming and unusual repeat lattice design featuring the boteh motif (precursor to the famous Paisley design). All executed in a wide array of largely natural colours (including a lovely eggshell pale blue), and framed by a most attractive and well-judged main border exhibiting oversized, multi-coloured flowerheads. The perfect blending of tribal and Pesian imperial design styles - a true 'village' rug.