785. a prosaic old Senneh Kurdish Persian rug

Old Senneh Kurdish woven Persian rug

785. Provenance: Kurdish weavers, Senneh, western Persia

Size: 172 x 126 cm

Age: circa 1950

Condition: Very good.

Notes: A classic Senneh in both design and colouring. The rugs woven by Kurds who live around the town of Senneh, now more properly known as Sanandaj, are the most finely-woven of all the Kurdish rugs. They have a subtley of colouring, excellent technical structure, and often feature this variation of the Herati repeat pattern. Here this diamond (actually mini-ellongated hexagons) lattice, peering through a tangle of leaves and blossoms, surrounds and fills the central layered elongated hexagon medallion. The border features paired arabesques, common in such Sennehs, known in the trade as 'turtles'.