692. a noble old Sarukh Afghan rug

Old Sarukh Turkoman Afghan rug

692. Provenance: Sarukh (or Saryk) sub-tribe, Turkoman group, Northern Afghnistan

Age: Circa 1950

Size: 215 x 134 cm

Condition: Very good.

Notes: This design is absolutely typcical of the Sarukh rugs. These are woven in the Maruchak area, just across the Afghan border from the Penjdeh Oasis. Nearly always on dark blue or dark aubergine grounds, surrounded by typical Turkoman red borders. These are very tightly woven and have a more firm, rigid handle than most Turkomans, which can feel rather loose or floppy. Because of their particular weave they have ridged backs, which means that although they appear (deciptive) less finely woven than many Turkomans, they are in fact not, and are actually technically much more reliable.


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