66. An rich antique Qashqa'i Tribal Rug

Antique Tribal Qashqa'i Persian Rug natural dyes hand-spun wool

66. Provenance: Confederacey of Qashqa'i Tribes, Fars Province, Southwest Persia.

Size: 258 x 164cm

Age: Circa 1910

Condition: V. Good.

Design: A Qashqa'i palmette border, or 'large fish' or Herati pattern often assigned to the subtribes, Bolvardi-Buly Chaqal, (Stone, p267, MacDonald p140)), field motifs and colours.  Central medallion is Lori. Many Lor have been absorbed into the Qashq‚Äôai tribes. 'Qashqa'i' means 'fugitives' or 'those who fled' and these non-Persian tribes probably originated in Central Asia or Eastern Turkistan.

Colour: Natural dyes. Indigo field. Madder root. Materials: Wool on wool foundation.


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