515. A domineering room-sized tribal Bachtiari carpet

Old Bachtiari tribal Persian Carpet

515. Provenance: Bachtiari tribe, Western Persia

Size: 396 x 335 cm (ie. big!)

Age: Circa 1920

Condition: Generally good, but there are some areas of old damage to the pile, particularly in one corner. There are also several areas of repilling, particularly around the edges.

Notes: A charmingly typical, very large size tribal Bachtiari garden 'panel' rug. These are thought to depict a royal Persian garden, as viewed through the window frames of the palace. The fact that this design is woven by nomadic herders, living in some of the harshest, least verdant areas of Persia, suggests a high level wish-fulfillment. This piece uses only natural vegetable and root dyes, and oily, lustrous wool.