370. An enchanting Qashqa'i Tribal Rug

Old Qashqa'i Tribal Persian Rug

370. Provenance: Qashqa'i Confederacy of Tribes, Fars Province, S. Persia

Size: 223 x 160 cm

Age: Circa 1950

Condition: Very good.
Notes: The Qashqa'i are a confederacy of tribes in southwest Persia, many of whom have been there from as early as the 11th century and are mostly of Turkoman origin. Older pieces (and some modern) are tribal and fully nomadic in origin, though many Qashqa'i are now sedentary and weave more commerical designs on cotton foundations. This rug is wool on wool however, suggesting a nomadic origin. The colours are wonderful and the motifs are naivly tribal. Natural vegetable dyes.


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