908. a monumental Kashan Persian carpet

Kashan Persian Carpet

908. Provenance: Kashan, central Iran

Size: 410 x 300 cm

Age: Circa 1970

Condition: There are several areas of heavy wear (old moth damage) that have been 'coloured', so that it is not too apparent. Hence the heavy discount. Otherwise the condition is excellent. 

Notes: A sumptuous and stunningly woven rug of high artistic and technical order. Sadly it has suffered some damage in various places, though these have been expertly 'coloured' so that unless looking pretty closely, the damage is not obvious. The panels contain a wealth of elaborately drawn floral designs, and the border is also exceptionally beautiful. For those who can overlook the faults, this represents a bargain room-filler.

price: £2995 £1497.5