870. a commanding Karadja Persian Azerbaijan rug

Karadja Persian Azerbaijan northwest Persian rug

870. Provenance: Karadja, Iranian Azerbaijan

Size: 146 x 105 cm 

Age: circa 1970

Condition: Very good. 

Notes: In design terms, Karadja rugs share much in common with their cousins across the Iranian border in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia (ie. Caucasian), though they are woven on heavy cotton foundations, rather than on woollen ones. Three vigorous, jagged medallions are surrounded by a wealth of small tribal motifs (Karadjas tend to be a little more 'busy'). The ivory surround of the singular central medallion is highly effective in bringing contrast and impact to the piece. This is one of two almost identical rugs I have, and they can be bought singularly or as a pair.