83. A wonderful Antique Ottoman Mucur Prayer Rug

Antique Mucur Ottoman Turkish Prayer Rug Natural dyes

83. Provenance: Mucur, Anatolia, Turkey. Very possibly Rabat, Morrocco. ref. Milanesi p72, Wearden p95, MacDonald, 63, Zipper & Fritzscher, p157-8, Eiland III, p167

Size: 175 x 125 approx

Age: Circa 1880

Condition: Fair to good. Some loss at one end.

Design: Prayer rug. Typical stepped niche with a plain blue 'mihrab', surrounded by a wide red border with rosettes.

Colour: Striking. Vivid. Lovely pale eggshell blue. Red is conchineal (from beetle blood!), not madder root.

Materials: Wool pile on wool foundation.


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