32. An unbelievable late 18th or early 19th Century Anatolian Rug

Antique Anatolian Holbein Turkish tribal rug

32. Provenance: ‘Yuruk’ or ‘mountain nomad’, Central/Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. ref. Milanesi p73, MacDonald, p67, Zipper & Frischer, p178-9

Age: 18th Century to Early 19th Century

Size: 250 x 120 cm

Condition: V. good condition for age. Overall low pile.

Notes: Yuruk is the Turkish term for ‘mountain nomads', and is the collective term for the many tribes roaming Anatolia. This is one of the best know nomadic designs showing an eight-spoked medallion that originated in the ‘wheel’ rugs and ‘Large Pattern Holbein’ (called such because they were depicted in the paintings of Hans Holbein, 1465-1524). These rugs are renowned for the rich colours and soft, dense and lustrous wool. They are very hard to find nowadays, making this a collectible tribal gem!


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