639. a rich old Afghan Tekke carpet

Old Afghan Tekke Carpet

639. Provenance: Tekke tribes (or relations thereof), Northern Afghanistan

Size: 323 x 214 cm

Age: Circa 1930

Condition: Very good for age.

Notes: A lovely Tekke-inspired carpet, presumably from weaving groups related to the original Tekke tribes who migrated into the north of Afghanistan following conflict with imperial Russian forces and the defeat of Turkmen forces at the second battle of Geok Tepe in 1881 (the Russians were defeated in the first siege in 1879). The evolution of Tekke rugs within Afghanistan resulted in more crowded fields, smaller guls, and the loss of the joining lines that once linked the guls. The borders also became wider and more complex - this one contains no less than 15 minor borders. The weaving is less fine than in the original Tekkes and the pile is thicker, but what Afghans such as this brought to the equation, was sheer tribal vigour, glossy hand-spun wool and of course that recognisable rich Burgundy-red richness. A classic piece of history to be treasured.