547. an artistic old Kashmar Persian Carpet

Old Kashmar Persian Carpet

547. Provenance: Kashmar, Khorasan Province, northeast Persia

Size: 360 x 250 cm approx

Age: Circa 1950

Condition: Generally excellent, with just one small patch of minor wear and one of tiny colour shift.

Notes: The Zirhaki (or 'underground'/'subterraenean') design which usually features vases, deer, peackocks and a wealth of historical reference. These 'treasure' rugs may reflect life in the period of Shah Abbas (reign: 1588 - 1629), perhaps the height of Persia's glory, or alternatively the bas reliefs may represent the ancient city of Persopolis ('City of the Persians'), the capital of the Achaemanid Empire (550-330 BC) which was located 70km northeast of modern-day Shiraz. The details may have been copied from 19th century French lithographs and engravings (some apparently even contain French phrases, lifted verbatim). Either way, these Kashmar carpets are amongst the most 'Persian-feeling' of all today's carpets and are a visual feast. They are solidly woven on cotton foundations using soft and glossy wool.