456. a lofty antique Luri tribal rug

Antique Luri or possibly Afshar Persian tribal carpet

456. Provenance: Boyer Ahmadi Luri tribes,  Fars Province, SW Persia

Size: 260 X 146 cm

Age: Circa 1900

Condition: Generally good for age, though there is corrosion of the dark browns (iron oxide natural dye). Minor losses at ends.

Notes: A remarkable rug in that it shows clearly the heritage links between the Caucasian Turkic tribes and those of southern Persia. Many of the design elements - the three diamond, serated medallions, the elem pattern (at each end), the stylized flowerheads in the field - show marked similarities with their Caucasian cousins to the north. The red wefts of this piece mark it as not being from Luristan proper, but from the Boyer Ahmadi Lurs of Fars province. It is symmetrically knotted. The border  is highly unusual and if anything more reminiscent of the Afshars. A loveley and attention-grabbing tribal work.