413. A diplomatic antique Kizilayak Afghan Carpet

Antique Kizilayak Turkoman Afghan main carpet

413. Provenance: Kizilayak subtribe, Turkoman tribes, Northern Afghanistan (or possible accross border in Turkmenistan)

Size: 357 x 218 cm

Age: Circa 1900

Condition: Good for age, with evenly low pile. One small repair.

Notes: Such old non-Ersari Afghans are ever-harder to find. This one is evenly-woven in great hand-spun wool, and uses vegetable dyestuffs, primarily different shades of madder brow. It's palette is restrained, but this lends the carpet great dignity. The low pile emphasises the great age of the carpet and brings out the design. Structurally it is still very strong.

Price: $1495