395. A blistering old Yomut tribal Rug

Old Yomut Turkoman tribal Rug

395. Provenance: Yomut tribes, Turkoman, Central Asia or NE Persia

Size: 230 x 110 cm

Age: Circa 1920

Condition: Generally good, though there are some areas of old damage (that can be repaired).

Notes: Classic repeat of the Yomut 'kepse' gul (a serated 'sheaf' lozenge shape with an inner octagonal gul). The hooked, angular, vine-like motif seen in the outer border is often called the 'boat' pattern. However this is a Turkoman variation of the vine patterns and palmettes or cloudbands found in Persian, Caucasian and Anatolian rugs. The 'eagle' guls in the elem panels at either end of the rug, are the subject of some controversy. Some authors maintain their relationship with the 'double-headed eagle' motif of the Russians, others consider their origin to be in the Chinese toa-tie motif, a talismanic animal figure which normally appears in the form of animal masks.

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