307. An enticing Antique Baktiari Carpet

Persian Bakhtiari Tribal Antique Carpet

307. Provenance: Baktiari tribe, Central Persia

Age: Circa 1920

Size: 306 x 215 cm

Condition: Generally good for its age, but it has suffered from some old moth damage, mostly at one end. Nonetheless it is still a lovely piece.

Notes: I'm a big Baktiari fan, and think they are generally undervalued and under-appreciated. They use mostly excellent natural dyes and superb wool, and they are genuine tribal articles. There is a tendancy to overlook floral pieces unless they are woven in the big city weaving houses where fine weaves can allow proper curvilinear design, but I think tribal and village attempts to weave floral designs are both brave and inspiring. There is beauty in imperfection after all!


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