861 a sympathetic old Maslaghan Persian rug

Old Maslaghan Persian Rug

861. Provenance: Maslaghan, Hamadan area, northwest Persia

Size: 130 x 200 cm

Age: circa 1950

Condition: Good.

Notes: Amongst the most recognisable of Persian rugs, this piece is still not quite typical of the genre. It does have the unique elengated central medallion surrounded by a jagged outerline, usually referred to as the 'lightning motif', but where it differs is in its colouring. Maslaghans usually have very primary blues and reds, and sharper tribal motifs. This is much softer colouring and the motifs in the indigo spandrels (corners) seem to be stylized renditions of the 'cauliflower rose', first copied from eighteenth century Aubusson French carpets.


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