781. a munifiscent antique Afghan Ersari filpai

Old or Antique Afghan Ersari Carpet

781. Provenance: Ersari tribe, Turkoman group of tribes, Northern Afghanistan

Size: 310 x 226 cm

Age: circa 1930

Condition: Very good. Ends slightly 'untidy' with minor losses, but they can be easily secured.

Notes: A really stunning example of the Ersari filpai or 'elephant foot' carpet. This design has maintained it's form for over 100 years, but many present-day examples are poor renditions, in harsh pillar-box red and coarse, dry wool. This piece shines with a lovely madder-rich brown/red, and lustroush, naturally oily hand-spun highland wool. It also has a wealth of individualistic details to captivate ones attention. The motifs that surround the 18 guls vary somewhat erratically (and charmingly) and include human figures. The motifs within the guls do likewise, and this prevents any sense of monotony despite the homogenity of colour and design. The somewhat unusual white in the border won't appeal to everyone, but it serves to highlight and frame the piece as a whole. Even the inconistancies at each end of the rug add to the appeal. The weaving is rustic/tribal (ie. not massively even!). Nonetheless an uncromprimising beauty.


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