504. a free-spirited antique Qashqa'i tribal bagface

Antique Tribal Qashqa'i Persian bagface

504. Provenance: Qashqa'i Confederacy of Tribes, Fars Province, Southern Persia

Size: 120 x 120 cm

Age: Circa 1880

Condition: Fair for age. Some wear and a few holes. Losses to ends. Lacking original plainweave back.

Notes: An incredible piece. The corner medallions are typical of the Qashqa'i weavings, as are the numerous, densely packed tribal motifs in the field, but what stands out is the central motif. Half of it has what looks like the fantail of the a peacock-like bird featured in Akstafa Caucasian rugs, the other half has buds or flowerheads, reminiscent of the depiction of pomegranite trees (particularly in rugs from East Turkestan). Collectable.

Even the name 'qashqa'i' inllustrates the complexity of, and diverstity of opinion within the rug world. It is thought that they are descended from the Turki but over the centuries have mingled with other Arab and Kurdish tribal groups.  'Qashqa'i' could derive from the first leader of the tribe appointed by Shah Abbas, an Amir Ghazi Shahilu Quasgai. Or, the word 'quasgai' is a Turki word describing a horse with a white blaze on its head, which brings good forturne, and could have lent this tribe its name. Or the name could come from the city of Kashgar in East Turkestan from where the Qashqa'i may have orginated.



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